The Pets


Mai Ming

We adopted Ming from Pet Pal in St. Pete in 2010, when she was a spry 6 years old. She won our hearts by running around like a psycho in the shelter’s meeting room. Then we brought her home and she promptly went to sleep. She’s been spending most of her time sleeping and looking at us expectantly for treats ever since. Ming loves grunting, banana peels, sleeping on a pillow shaped like a penguin and licking her nose while staring into space. She hates holiday sweaters.



We adopted Finn from Pet Pal in 2014. He was shy at first, but seemed at least a little curious about us so we decided to meet him. He started to walk away, but then came back to curl up in Keeley’s lap, beginning what would surely be many years of emotionally manipulating her to love him even when he chews our shoes. He enjoys barking at nothing, pulling Ming by the tail and chasing bugs in the yard. He hates “sit.” He doesn’t understand “stay.” “Fetch” is a work in progress.