Oh hello there. With less than three months to go, I’m sure you’re wondering, WAIT, when did that happen?! Hell if I know!

I’m sure what you’re really wondering is, hey, ok, I’m going to Buffalo in less than two months, and that’s cool and all. But like… where can I get some good coffee/beer/chicken wings in Buffalo, ya feel me?

We feel you.

Take a peek at our handy-dandy Guide To Stuff in Buffalo. Restaurants, bars, that one decent coffee place we tried one time, attractions — peruse and enjoy!

And make sure to take a look at our schedule. The wedding’s on Saturday, August 27, it starts at 4:30 p.m., blah blah blah. (Yes, the ceremony and reception are happening in the same place. No, we’re not getting married in a church. Unless you count the church of beer, which we do. So.)

But, new! Come hang out with us the night before on Friday at Big Ditch Brewing Company at 6 p.m. We’re having a welcome party of sorts. B(uy)YOB. Stop by and have a drink with us before we tie the knot on Saturday. We’ll probably GTFO early, but you should stay and drink many brews in our honor.*

If you haven’t done so yet, you can get a special rate at the Adam’s Mark Hotel when you call and tell them our names. Find out more about the room block here.

*If you’re in the wedding party, at least make a solid effort to hide your hangover the next day, plz.