months to go

Five months? Wait, when did this happen? We still haven’t bought our wedding bands, or paid off the venue, or… or…


I’m sure it’ll be fine!

With just over five months to go, we’d like to give you all an update.

Travel: Now’s the time to book your ticket! As a reminder, the wedding is on Saturday, August 27. We’ll have an event or two the evening before, detailed (vaguely) below, so you may want to arrive early on Friday. My favorite travel site is The Buffalo airport is a little over 10 miles (about 20 minutes) from our venue and hotel. Buffalo doesn’t have Uber (thanks New York State), but there are a number of rental car, taxi and shuttle services available. Check them out here. Once you’re close to downtown, Buffalo actually has a one-line subway system (crazy, right?!) with some really convenient drop-off locations.

Accommodations: We have a block of rooms at Adam’s Mark Buffalo at a reduced rate. You have to call to get the block rate. Some people have found an occasional special online that is cheaper. If that is the case, please call and let them know you found a cheaper rate online. They’ll honor it, and we’ll have another block spot filled. I realize this is a hassle, but if we don’t fill 4/5 of the rooms, we have to pay for the remainder, and we don’t particularly want to do that! Check the accommodations page for more information.

Events: Here’s the fun part. For those of you arriving early, keep an eye out for a Things to Do page on this website. We’re working on it. We’ll also have some recommendations for things to do in the morning before the wedding. On Friday, August 26, we’ll have a welcome party for all out-of-town guests and whoever else would like to join us. Details about that will be announced soon. It’ll probably be at another brewery (because I am planning it).

Invitations: You’ll get those soon. I promise. Unless you’re not invited. Then you won’t. Please direct all complaints to Keeley.

What else is new? Oh, plenty. Head over and meet our wedding party. Or check out our registry. Or, you know, just call or text one of us (actually, we prefer Snapchat).

More to come!